As the reliable third party inspection company, Nicy Inspection Service (NIS) specializes in "During Production Inspection" and "Final Random Inspection" of Product quality inspection service and loading supervision in high quality and on time. We also could provide all kinds of test service in worldwide special lab according to client's standard. We send our experts to the factory to conduct the inspection and send our English inspection report to the client on the inspection date by e-mail. So the client can know the quality of goods immediately and decide on further action. At the same time, we also provide lab test for applicant.

Scope of service:
SOFTGOODS: Garment,fabric,home textiles,shoe,bag & box.
HARDGOODS: All kinds of commodity & chandlery
ELECTRIC & MACHINERY: Household electrical appliances,transport equipments,power transmission and transformation equipments,engineering machineries,production machineres
ENERGY: Solar modules, Solar heater
MATERIAL: Chemical products,packing material,building material,paper and so on.
    Our inspectors must have special experience in the relative work. NIS strictly trains every inspector before he conducts inspection and make surely he conducts the inspection in NIS standard operation.
    NIS publishes its workmanship standard on web according to kind and grade of product. Applicant could select relative standard for inspection. They also could revise some defect standard for their inspection.
    Our inspector arrive at factory on time and we send our inspection report by e-mail on inspection date. Mostly, the applicant may receive the inspection report within one hour after the inspection is over.
    NIS conducts each inspection in standard way and this make our inspection correct and there would be little problem in our inspection . NIS pays no more than 10 times inspection charge for its obvious mistake.
Program for applicant:
Send submitted sample and color swatch with conformed hangtag or sealed tag to the factory;
Confirmed the inspection charge and date by e-mail;
Send the order,packaging requirement,care label,main label,size label,hangtag information and workmanship standard to us for inspection;
Provide us your special requirement for this inspection;
Receive our English inspection report sent on inspection date;
Give the factory further instruction;
Confirmed the correct of the inspection to pay for the charge of the inspection.
Program for factory
The finished product answer for the requirement of inspection;
Provide packing list to our inspector;
Provide two to three workers to draw and transit the cartons;
Provide inspection place in sufficient light and clean;
Provide submitted sample sent by applicant;
Provide workers to open the package and repack product;
Confirm the workmanship defect and other unconformity found during the inspection;
Wait for the applicant's further instruction;
Confirmed the correct of the inspection to pay for possible charge.
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